Inner Mongolia Lichuan Chemical Co., Ltd.

(Original Bayannur Agricultural Management Bureau Chemical Plant)

China's largest low-carbon, low iron yellow sheet, red chip sodium sulfide production enterprise

Mineral resources are rich、Leading technology、Powerful supply capacity、The international field is wide、The port shipping is rapid、

The marketing cost is low、Product quality is reliable、Variety Complete、Export price 、discount,Enterprise reputation first!


Spectacular corporate environment

Company description

Lnner Mongolia lichuan chemical co., ltd., Lnner Mongolia,the former chemical plant?Bameng farmers HKMA set up after the

Restructuring. Was founded in 1969, is a large production of a variety of low iron sodium sulfide chemical company, is high-tech enterprises in lnner Mongolia, lnner Mongolia Quality supervision, lnspection and Certification a unit,Companies registered capital of 21 million yuan, the total assets of 89 million yuan, and passed ISO9001:2008 quality system certification.

The company is located in lnner Mongolia Bayannaoer northbound Taurus dengkou lndustrial park, west area planning road, the existing staff of 130 people, including technical personnel accounting for 15% of production, “Bayan” brand sodium sulfide 40.000 tons: profits of 14 million yuan, ln 1996 the company odtained the right to operate import and export products, more than 80% sodium sulfide product exported to Australia New Zealand, southeast Asia, Central Africa, the Middle East, Western Europe and Japan and other countries and regions, domestic sales network has spread all over the north and south more than 20 provinces,2010 lnner Mongolia Autonomous Region contract and trustworthy units, 2011 lnner Mongolia Autonomous Region enterprise credit rating AAA grade credit enterprise, 2013 lnner Mongolia Autonomous Region famous trademark.

Over the years, the company always adhere to the science and technology enterprises, introduction of technical personnel, and take the road of sustainable development, adhere to puality, reputation first, the quality as life: contract. Keeping promises, it is the consistent principle of the company pursues, ln recent years the company has developed to fill gaps in the country”s light-weight high-purity anhydrous sodium sulfide (Na2S≥92%) and ultra-low iron sulfide (Fe≥5PPM),the company”s products have strong competitivness in the same industry manufacturers in the leading position.

Excellent product

Ns2s90-92%、 Crystal Sodium sulfide、10ppm、  20ppm、  30ppm、  50ppm、  80ppm、  120ppm、  1200ppm、  1500ppm

Reliable reputation

"Bayan brand" famous trademark
2013 won the famous trademark
Keep a credit unit certificate
Credit AAA-level enterprise
Strict quality management

Establishing friendly cooperative relations with friends from all over the world


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