International sodium sulfide set equipment process design, manufacturing, installation,

trial production, employee training foreign aid technology backbone team member

qin zijing


li riheng

qin genho

go hailo


han guang

liu jie

do lianping

an yoxin


zhu zhanfei

shen zhiyo

feng tinbin

wu jianjun

pu jianguo

fang ying


chu ruijun

wu qiaoyun


Mongolian National Chemical Factory - 12000 Tons Sodium Sulfide Project

The Border of China and Mongolia

The Gate of China

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Business Negotiation

Qaidam Basin in Mongolia
Joint Study Team from China, Russia,and Mongolia
A Glauver Lake in Qaidam Basin
Visit a Glauver Lake
Visit a Glauver Lake
Qin Zijing Visits Erdenet
Qin Zijing Visits Erdenet
Qin Zijing Visits a Open Coal
Mr.Qin and Mr. Enke Buter
Determine the Cooperation

It's Time to Installation

Installation of a Converter
A Sulfide Plant Constructing in Mongolia
Installation of a 15 tons Steam Boiler
A Sulfide Plant Constructing in Mongolia

Evaporator for Sulfide

Dust Collector
Production Line of 30,000 tons of Sodium sulfate
Mr. Wang Wenbin instruct local techniciansSWS
Installing Bricks

Finished Installation of Converter Workshop

HRSG in Converter Workshop

Recovery System for Alkali Fog
Spiral Lifter
Complete Equipments in Washing Slag Workshop
Horizontal Continuous Washing Slag Machine With Vacuum and Belt

Evaporator Workshop

Evaporator Workshop
Evaporator Workshop

Installing a Making Flake Machine

Making Flake Machine in Finishing Workshop

Finished Installation

Security and Technical Training before Production

Lecture by Exper

Explaining at Site

Explaining at Site
Explaining at Site

Product Quality Monitoring Center

Grand Ignition Ceremony

Loading to Converter


Say “Congratulations ”Each Other

Flaming Converter Brings the Joy of Success

Finished Heating

Alkali in Heating Workshop

Busy time in Packaging Workshop

Loading Products

Dust Collector before Running

Dust Collector after Running

A Scheduling Meeting between Experts from China and Mongolia

Work Summary

A Dance Party for Welcoming Chinese Experts
Take a Photo with Mongolian Singer Alden Gelage

Visiting Genghis Khan Memorial

Visiting Genghis Khan Memorial

Eating a Chinese Food

Happy Together

Good Wishes

Happy Time

Sing a Mongolian song

Executive General Manager Erdengsu

Mongolian National Chemical Plant on Prairie

Beautiful Scenery

Overlooking Yurt

Fat Sheep

Exceptionally Fragrant from Yellow Flowers Everywhere


Aroma From Milk Tea in Yurt


A Beautiful Mongolian Girl

Golden Autumn in Erdenet

Memorable Moments

Memorable Moments
Memorable Moments
Memorable Moments
Memorable Moments
The Workers Who Participated The Construction of The First Chemical Plant in Mongolia
Birdseye of Mongolian National Chemical Plant

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