History of sodium sulphides industry in China


The sodium sulphides industry started in 1930's.The first factory is in DaLian, produce solid sodium sulphides in low production. The contain of it's production is Na2S 42%. Up to early of 40's.Tianjin Chemical Factory started to produce solid sodium sulphides, the contain of Na2S is up to 52%.After the establishment of the P.R.of China, the cities of YunCheng of ShanXi province,XinJi of HeBei province, JiNan of ShanDong province,PengShan of SiChuan province produce solid sodium sulphides in large scale.The production around YunCheng of ShanXi province is up to 10 thousand tons/year from 1950's.The quality standard is changed too. Used the pre-USSR standard Na2S 63.5%.At the end of 1970's,the production is up to 70 to 80 thousand tons/year. Started to use the standard of P.R. of China (Na2S 60%),became the strongest base of solid sodium sulphides in China.
  From 1980's to the middle of 1990's, sodium sulphides industry in China changed totally, more and more factories are established and their production are very large. The production
  center is spread to many provinces of YunNan,SiChuan,XinJiang,Internal,Mongulia,GanSu,QingHai,NingXia,HeBei,ShanDong,ShanXi. Especially Internal Mongulia,GanSu and XinJiang improved very fast. The production of Internal Mongulia is up to 200 thousand tons/year. To be the No.1 in Northwest of China.
  From end of 1960's to middle of 1990's, The sodium sulphides industry of China made big progress in equipments technology and kinds of production. Changed the original reflection oven to swirl oven evaporator. From the single solid sodium sulphides to series production of flake shape , particle shape, lower Fe-contain flake shape sodium sulphides.Up to the end of 1990's,Non-aqua sodium sulphides and crystal sodium sulphides are produced in large scale.
  With China being the member of WTO, factories in China renew their business way, they stared to use hi-technology, improve their produce technology, low down their cost, better their production quality. Their goal is to meet the international market. GanSu YaSheng Group Company, XinJiang HaMi BaLiKun RedStar Chemical Industry Company, the biggest minimum Fe-contain sodium sulphides company, be the leader of cooperate with the experts. Start to optimize and mend the traditional technical of sodium sulphides manufacturing. achieved great success in the purpose of low down the cost & energy consume, and high up the proportion of high grade production. Our experts studied the evolution of Fe and Cs and their impurity in the technology of Coal-Deoxidize-Hydrated to produce sodium sulphides. I adapted the technology of Aqua-solution technology & Nanometer-Separate technical. And got the super-minimum Fe-contain sodium sulphides ( Fe contains lower than 10ppm or can even lower than only 1ppm). And minimum-Fe-contain white sodium sulphides ( 60% grade and non-aqua grade). Our technology is advanced in the world and gained most of the market.
  Up to now, with more than 70 years history, The sodium sulphides industry in China is at the advanced one in the world. The production in China is the No.1 of 21 sodium sulphides produce countries in the world.
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